Race Courses

Olympic Race Course

Swim Course
The swim will start on the main beach in the park. Looking at the water, it’s the beach on the left. (The sprint uses the beach on the right). Swim course will be a basic diamond-shaped pattern running clockwise. Should minimize sun interference. It’s a beautiful spring-fed lake and despite the inevitable frenzy of the swim start, I think you’ll find it a nice way to start the morning.

Transition 1
The run up to the transition area is mostly on asphalt, about 50 yards. No bonus time will be given for playing Water Balloon Wars or Frogger, though it may add to overall fun. Hey, It’s an amusement park after all… enjoy it!! (at your own T1 expense)

Bike Course
PDF Bike Course Map - NOTE Change for 2024

Run Course
Run Course Map

Double Your Pleasure! The run course is a double loop. The benefit of the double loop is that you’ll get to keep an eye on the competition, and get all amped up by the crowd support as you come around for lap 2.

The Olympic run course is the same as the Sprint run course. You will leave the park via the main driveway and take a right onto Rt. 64 then a right onto Old Woodbury Rd. At about 1.25 miles you will come to a traffic island, go right and continue down Old Sherman Hill Rd to the turnaround. (DO NOT TAKE THE EARLIER RIGHT HEADING AROUND THE BACKSIDE OF THE LAKE, KEEP GOING DOWN THE HILL)

Head back to the park, and the turn around for lap 2 will be just outside the the park entrance. Now go and do it again and head to the finish line in the service road. You’re done.

Tough course, congrats on finishing. It has a solid little following by now, you’re officially a part of it, hope you enjoyed the challenge – as I hear it, most of you love it because it’s tough. Good for you.

Cold beer will be available at the post race Quassy picnic featuring hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, potato salad, soda and other picnic fare. Cold beer will also be served. Enjoy! (And maybe this year I’ll get the amount of beer right, you guys and gals impress the heck out of me with your beer consumption and I’m proud of you! Cheers!!)

Sprint Race Course