Race History

About the Pat Griskus Races

In July 1987, Ironman triathlete Walt Tajmajer and others organized a local sprint race, which was then held at Bantam Lake. There were approximately 250 triathletes, and Honorary Chairman was Pat Griskus. Pat was a nationally recognized runner and triathlete who competed using a prosthetic leg. He had lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident at age 19, but he ultimately accomplished his goals of running road races, marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons, all over the U.S. and Canada, setting world records for amputees.

He completed the prestigious Hawaii Ironman Triathlon (140.6 miles total) in October 1985 and 1986. He was the first amputee to complete the Ironman, and at that time, the only one to have accomplished this twice. In October 1987, he was in Hawaii training for Ironman, when he was struck and killed by a truck. The sprint triathlon was renamed in memory of Pat Griskus. Now in its 29th year, there are over 600 triathletes, and many volunteers and sponsors involved. The race has earned a fine reputation as a quality event and has raised over $210,000 for charity.

Committee Chairman and Race Director is Tom Wilkas, and honorary chairs are Robin and Laura Griskus.